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Hadron (High Performance Paramotor Wing)

Dudek Hadron (High Performance Paramotor Wing)

Hadrons are tiny elementary particles, which speeded up can carry gigantic amounts of energy. Accordingly, the Hadron is fast, energetic and can lift a lot. Creation of this canopy was inspired by Pascal Vallee, one of the best pilots in the world. Pascal's input was also substantial in testing and refining the protoypes. His ideas materialized within Hadron proved to be perfect, as confirmed by consecutive triumphs in many competitions. The paraglider is obviously dedicated for the frequent and experienced flyers, which have perfectly mastered the reflexed gliders specifics. Although the target group of the Hadron is similar to Plasma pilots, there are significant differences between both wings.

Dudek Hadron (High Performance Paramotor Wing)

Hadron 3

Series-production Hadrons have classic steering configuration, i.e. the pilot has but two brakes at his disposal. Steering system is called 2D. Steering lines are configured in such way, that at low and medium speeds their geometry is not very aggressive, thus enhancing precise canopy control. At high speeds (full trims + speedbar) only the outer steering lines should be used, alternatively you can enter some corrections by the TEA system. Since the steering is divided (there are two lines at the handles, one goes through the pulley and the other directly to trailing edge) an experienced pilot can adjust brake progression to his own liking. The other systems known from our previous canopies (ALC or TST) can be used too, without much trouble at installation.

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Like all of our paragliders, Hadron is produced entirely in Europe, at our Polish plant. Thus close monitoring of the complicated production process is possible, and the distance between designer's ideas and their implementation is as short as it can be. However,  Hadron is the first paraglider we cut exclusively with a recently purchased state-of-the-art laser cutter. Stunning capabilities of this machinery allow for serial cutting of intricately shaped, narrow parts inlarge numbers, as well as their best distribution regarding the textile structure. Without such precise technology at our disposal production of the Hadron would simply not be possible.

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